Yonge Street for Everyone

Hi! It’s us, the kids of Toronto. We know that eventually we will be adults, but we feel like no one listens to us. We see what's happening in our city but it's like no one seems to ask us what we think.

We love Toronto, like the Jays, Raptors, Leafs and all that. But the city is so much more! We like to do things that are outside, active and fun - and we want to be able to get to our schools, activities, and friends’ homes without having to go in the car.


Yonge Street? People say it has potential now. But how come no one has done anything about it?

This YongeTOmorrow plan looks smart. We like to ride our bikes but are too scared to ride downtown. We loved it when the streets were closed to cars in the summertime. We felt safer and had so much fun riding freely! 

When we grow up we want to have a nice place to go meet friends, go shopping and eat yummy food. We see the way that streets are made clean, green, and safe for kids around the world. Why can't we have that here?

We wanted to write this so the people who are deciding on the future of this amazing street will listen to what we think. Because we are going to be adults one day, and Yonge is going to be our street.

If you are one of those people, we really hope you listen.

  • Signed,
  • Bruce, 10
  • Xander, 14
  • Patrick, 17
  • Griffin, 10
  • Feny, 10
  • Ellie, 7
  • Cal, 3
  • Madigan, 10
  • Jack, 12
  • Angelie, 11
  • Alessi, 9
  • Ryla, 10
  • Aria, 10
  • Tate, 10
  • Ollie, 8
  • Estelle, 10
  • Michael, 11
  • Rachel, 10
  • Ryan, 8
  • Paige, 10
  • Olivia, 10
  • Henry, 8
  • Anderson, 14
  • Claire, 10
  • Anna, 7
  • Hadley, 6
  • Philippa, 4
  • Noah, 11
  • Lucia, 9
  • Maxine, 10

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